Little Red Robin Hood

Darkness is a funny thing. It moves. You may be perfectly still in an empty room with no light pouring in, and the black moves before your eyes. And without your knowledge, Little Red Robin Hood moves too. She dances wildly in the black, not afraid of what moves beside her, behind her, within her. She is, however, very different in comparison to the dark. Granted, she is not a normal girl. She takes no enjoyment in dresses, curly hair, shoes and makeup. Her endeavors include much less savory skills, ones you cannot learn in a classroom.

She takes her leave at dusk, the only splash of color is her red cloak and hood. Wisps of dark hair spill out from under the scarlet covering, a mess of small braids and tangles. She has beads woven into strands. These are to shield from certain evils that prowl in the black shadows. As a more direct form of protection, she carries two blades. Each has a name for either hand.

In her left she holds “Saas,” which means “blood;” and in her right hand she grasps “Ai’as,” meaning “oath.” It is a dead language, but each word is engraved on the blade of the knife it belongs to.


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