Beauty and The Beast

Watching those Disney movies as a kid really puts a little girl’s hopes up for her own prince someday. The pretty girl always gets herself into trouble and then out of nowhere a handsome young prince comes riding in on his white horse and saves her. Then they ride off into the sunset and get married and live happily ever after. The end.

But it doesn’t go like that. People don’t live happily ever after. For that to happen they would need the “ever.” Ever implies that it does not stop. Love continues with this happy-go-lucky attitude people portray to the rest of the world. When in reality they are struggling with their marriage and their kids are rebelling and money becomes an issue so arguments start, and the pieces of the fairy tale slip away. I’m not saying these things are inevitable and that marriages are just destined to fall apart; but bad things will happen.

The true happy ending is up to us. We are responsible for our lives and our love. Love is not a feeling that can be called upon whenever the princess is in trouble. Love is a choice. One that is hard to make during financial ruin and parental demise. It is difficult to conjure when that person does not have the same butterfly feelings as before. However, I do believe in love, and I believe in fairy tales. Where poison apples are our crumbling affections, and dragons of reality try to torch our passions. I believe in beauty and I believe in the beast. The Belle of love will choose to live with the Beast of adversity, and in the end he will become a handsome promise that life will continue and we will have happy endings.

I believe that people can change, people can love, and will live to make those things happen. It is our real live fairy tale, and the ending is just waiting to be written.



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